• Tim Vink • 30 July 1986 • Biologist •

My passion for wildlife biodiversity and its processes, led to me pursuing a research career in Environmental Sciences at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. As a student I have maximised my experience in a multidisciplinary field by assisting researchers and participating actively in these opportunities. My principal interests are in marine nearshore ecology, connectivity and zooplankton dynamics in these systems.

My background in the organic farming industry, several part-time jobs and my active involvement as a field assistant has taught me to be a keen problem solver, innovative and always aiming for constant improvement of methods involved in scientific data collection. In addition I have gained an extensive set of skills through my interest in computers, software and more recently managing and analysing data. In this Curriculum Vitae I wish to elaborate on my experience and skills, if you require any further references or information do not hesitate to contact me.